Prof Peet Van Schalkwyk

Prof Peet Van Schalkwyk

Since 02 June 2020
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Prof Peet van Schalkwyk, lecturer at the School of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering at the North-West University’s Potchefstroom Campus recently received the TWAS (The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World) regional award in Nairobi for his work on the development of a series of unique computer animations in mathematics and physical science. These illustrations are aimed at school learners and offer valuable understanding and techniques to make various mathematical and scientific concepts easier to comprehend.

Prof Peet van Schalkwyk.
Van Schalkwyk has been busy with this work for the past five years. His animations are interactive and in real time. He makes use of virtual objects that teachers and learners can do experiments with. Various objects are in 3D and can be rotated on the screen.
“The importance of Mathematics and Physical Science instruction in today’s society cannot be emphasised enough. The aim with these illustrations is to offer learning aids to learners in these abstract fields in order to cultivate a love for this subject area,” says Van Schalkwyk. It is also very important to him, with these programmes, to link the abstract with reality, thus getting learners to realise the applicability and relevance of the subject area.


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